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Conor Avant

Conor Macken

Partner, Co-Founder

James Avant

James Felz

Partner, Co-Founder

What Inspires Us and Why We're Different

When we started Avant Listings, we committed to taking a different approach to real estate websites and marketing than those who were already out there.

With numerous family and friends in all areas of real estate, we began listening to their frustrations and dissatisfactions. What we discovered was an industry full of outdated and under-optimized websites, dubious lead generation services, and an overall lack of client support.

We knew we could do better. Way better.

Which eventually led us to develop a technology platform that makes building high-performing real estate websites extremely fast and easy. Our clients can easily do all the work themselves, or we can do it for them.

When working with clients, we take a diagnostic, metrics-based approach for determining the elements in their marketing funnel that need improvement. From there, we offer solutions tailored specifically for their needs. Unfortunately, this is something that pretty much no one else in the industry offers.

Which is why we believe we're the best option in real estate websites & digital marketing.

Our goal is simple: to be the best in an industry that's otherwise loaded with subpar options and non-transparent web and marketing services. We want to evolve with design and marketing trends so that our clients are always ahead of the curve.

And most importantly, we want to give our clients the individualized attention that they deserve.

You're probably a small business. Small businesses are unique and deserve better than 'one size fits all' solutions. If you'd like to learn more about what we can do together, send us a message below.